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Neil considers himself a student of all things strength and movement. Over the past two decades he has studied many aspects of fitness to provide his clients with multiple solutions to their problems.

His client base is often seen as quite advanced, given their levels of strength and performance but this coach simply states that his best students are just beginners that kept showing up.

Certifications + Workshop highlights

- Precision Nutrition / GMB Movement / Strength Coaching / Kettlebells / Crossfit / Premier Nutrition  / NASM Corrective exercise / Functional Movement Screen.

- Dr Perry / Ido Portal / Life Therapies / First Aid / Recession Proof Body

Career highlights

- Online Fitness Editor Men's Health Magazine / Men's Fitness Magazine contributor / IRONFIT Gym director / Course Tutor (UK & UAE)


Brazilian Jiu Jitsu medals include:
- Gold medals @ Irish Nationals / Dublin Open and Irish Winter Open
- Silver medals @ British Nationals / Irish Open 

amateur dad?

Neil set up a dad blog page in 2016 under the name Team DILF (Dad Interprets Little Family ;-) )  where he made humorous observations based on his new found dad life. A few of the posts hit viral status, reaching millions of people and even led to a Neil 'giving birth' on live TV via a labour machine. Yes, true story! More recently, the brand has evolved to tie in with Neil's main site and new YouTube channel! The Team DILF branding has evolved and can now be found on Facebook as Amateur Dad.
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Jen was a former yo-yo dieter and gym hater. On meeting Neil she was over 3 stone heavier and had her own body hang ups. Now, many years later, Jen trains for strength, fitness and the confidence it gives her both as a female and a mum. Chartered accountant turned coach, she has proved herself as one of the strongest females in Ireland setting multiple records via Bar Wars Ireland. 


- Fitness Instructor level 2 

- Personal Trainer level 3

- Pre and Post Natal Coach (Girls Gone Strong)

- Precision Nutrition 

career highlights

"Creating a tribe of strong positive women who have transformed both body and mindset through their love of strength."

- Bar Wars Ireland Silver Medalist
- Best Female weighted chin up (34kg added to bodyweight)
- Most Female chin ups (18 to set record but has since done 21)
- Greatest number of Pistol Squats

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