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TEAM DILF began as a bit of fun. A play on the term 'MILF', the 'DILF' has been modified to stand for 'Daddy Interprets Little Family'. While Neil spent much of his 20's creating content for the big fitness magazines, blogging about parenting is something completely different. Neil's writing style has struck a chord with the masses proving that this hardened strength coach is actually just a dad trying to get through life while keeping everyone alive.

The TEAM DILF facebook page recently broke 35k followers with many posts receiving hundreds or shares and comments across social media. One of the most popular posts had a reach of over 5 million people, made front page news in Ireland and led to a live TV performance on the popular Nolan Show.

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PROJECT DILF has recently been added to the Team DILF page!


 Neil has condensed 20+ years of coaching into an Online Coaching package spanning 16 weeks of intense education. The programme is aimed at men, dad's and wanna be DILF's hoping to age like whiskey...not milk. Check out the Team DILF site and click on PROJECT DILF!