We have been in fitness a loooooong time and get asked the same questions quite a bit on both social media and in real life.
"What protein should I take (if any)?"
"Where can I buy XYZ...?"
"I need chalk, bands etc...Know of anywhere good?"
Below we have added in some of the various companies we use or have used over the years for both our own gains, and our clients. Some of the links below may be affiliate links. This will not affect the price of any product you buy.
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MYPROTEIN is a UK based supplement company. It has been our go to supplement site for many years because it's good quality, affordable and fast.
Our main products include;
Neil - Whey protein power / Vit D / Omega 3 / Creatine / ZMA before bed.
Jen - Whey protein power / Protein dessert / Protein mug cake / Omega 3
We use The Protein Works, not for it's range of protein but for the snacks. They have a serious range of epic nibbles that can fill a gap in the day.
As we say to all clients, it is better to eat real food when you can but in some cases that isn't always the easiest thing to do. Having a protein bar or a bag of Biltong can help tide you over until that next quality meal.
Top tip - If ordering a protein powder from any company for the first time, we recommend going for a few small bags as opposed to a large single bag they may soon become repetitive, at least until you find the flavour you just can't live without! This site also has a massive Vegan range!
One of the few companies that gets a large range of products right. Leggings shoes and shorts for Jen, underwear and hoodies for Neil.
Under Armour is a massive part of our wardrobe and definitely one of the best for gym related clothing.
Check out our friends at Hapi Bottles who give friends of ours 20% when they visit through the title link. These flasks are great for both adults and kids and Hapi will sort you out with free shipping anywhere in the UK.
Bulk Powders is another 'go to' supplement site and as with the others, can have really good offers on a massive range of products. Our most recent impulse buy included Biltong and Protein Pancakes...what's not to love!

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