Neil recently stepped away from real world personal training, after 20+ years as a trainer and coach, to develop MCT Coaching Online. Having spent many years training a wide ranging client base, Neil wanted to hone in on a particular niche, where he knew his experience and expertise could help the most:
- Overweight males, generally aged 30+.
- Business men, CEO's, Self Employed Entrepreneurs etc that required both EFFICIENT and EFFECTIVE workouts with progression towards long term goals.
- These guys don't have time to guess their way to health and fitness while running a company or dealing with the stress of family life, meetings and staff.
- Men who have little fitness or nutrition knowledge, yet seek to be catapulted from 'white belt to black belt' in their fitness journey.
- Those who want both short term and fast improvements in everything from stress reduction and lifestyle to long term, sustainable improvements in everything from body composition and body confidence, to fitness, posture, strength and happiness. 
Does this sound like you?
Would you love a health and fitness education that doesn't consume your life but improves it?
Are you seeking help from an experienced professional who has spent years working with guys just like you and who has provided countless answers to the many questions that lie ahead?
Do you require the flexibility of online coaching that allows you to train around your life and not your coaches diary?
Watch the video, book a consultation chat and begin your journey now!





Online Coaching is perfect for you? Brilliant!
1 - Book a free consultation into our diary. 
2 - Fill out the application form we send out with your booking, giving us as much detail as possible. We want to know everything from your previous gym history and current fitness level, to short term goals and long term aspirations.
3 - Arrive on video call for a virtual coffee! Meet the coach, discuss your application and cover all questions.
Having worked as the Online Fitness Editor for Men's Health Magazine UK (2007- 2011), and a contributor to Men's Fitness Magazine, Neil has provided high level digital, printed and real life expertise, to literally thousands of people over the last two decades.
His last fitness article, a 12 page magazine spread, was reproduced in multiple languages for both the UK and European market. His Online Coaching Programme is not a collection of random 'Zoom H.I.I.T.' workouts but a structured education built on over 25 years of training experience.  

 " is the 4th largest men's website in the UK, has over 5.3 million page impressions per month and 700,000 unique users, meaning that content needs to be from knowledgeable experts and informative.

Neil McTeggart has provided with useful and educational articles as well as providing plenty of support to the Men's Health online community, answering their questions in great detail about nutrition and fitness. Neil is a real asset to Men's Health and has helped raise the profile of the site and added to its success. “


Sarah Hecks, Online Editor.

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