Having worked as the Online Fitness Editor for Men's Health Magazine UK (2007- 2011), and a contributor to Men's Fitness Magazine, Neil has provided high level digital, printed and real life expertise, to literally thousands of people over the last two decades. His last fitness article, a 12 page magazine spread, was reproduced in multiple languages for both the UK and European market. 
Over the past few years Neil has stepped away from magazine work, personal training and small group training to focus all of his attention on the Online Package. While 'Online Training' is often jumping about on Zoom performing burpees badly, Online Coaching of this calibre is very different.
At a glance we have;
F.R.C. assessment. 
Coaching calls. 
Video Analysis.
Coaching app and software.
Hundreds of recipes.
PDF quick fire guides and resources.
25+ Video modules from a team which include S. Nugent MSc, a PHD researcher; Dr G Mendoza, a PHD in nutrition, specialising in behavioural psychology and L. Agnew MSc!





In all honestly I was on the verge of a mid life crisis and needed a kick up the arse to get my body in shape. I seen my children growing up too fast and didn't want to feel like I had....unhappy with my body shape, was very self conscious, majorly fatigued and absorbed in work. I had been following several PT's on social media but liked Neil's honest approach and results.

I was a yoyo dieter for many years. This process was chalk and cheese compared to previous attempts. The wealth of knowledge and self understanding that was passed on during the online period will help me continue my journey to achieve my ultimate goal! 

I couldn't recommend it enough!

Mark Hardy

We asked recent Online Graduates for some feedback about the programme, why they chose us and how things gave changed for them. 



Mindset is my biggest win. I always knew the power and necessity of consistency, but Neil helped me see this in a whole new light. I also now can go to the gym with only 30, 40, 50 mins or whatever and put together a workout myself that is challenging but fun. Love it!

James S



By using the app and tracking stats and taking photos it so obvious of how I have improved and with that improvement my confidence has grown as well as my drive to further improve myself."




Dropping more than a stone in weight, going down a clothes size and losing 10cm from my belly - but most of all the confidence I now have going to the gym is what will keep me going back there and making exercise an important part of my life moving forward. 




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