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Neil dabbled in martial arts over the years but discovered Gracie Barra Belfast in Jan 2016 when a client mentioned lunch time classes. This worked well with the 'PT life' and a twice per week hobby quickly morphed into a 6 days per week obsession. If you visit the club there's a good chance he's arriving, training, or just about to leave!


Gracie Barra Belfast is the most successful Jiu Jitsu club in the north of Ireland, headed up by N.I's first BJJ Black Belt, Graham Keys. Graham received his Black Belt and professor status from ADCC and multiple world champion Braulio Estima and has been at the forefront of Irish Jiu Jitsu for many years, producing multiple champions across multiple divisions and levels of competition.


Even if competition isn't necessarily your primary goal, come learn from the best in the business, try something new and get fit performing a martial art which perfectly compliments the strength and movement work Neil uses with his clients.

If you wish to know more about the club, check the video and pic below!



Gold - Irish Winter Open via 20/0 points 

Gold - Dublin Open via submission and zero points lost

Gold - Irish Nationals via 39 second submission and zero points lost

Silver - British open

Blue belt earned Dec 2016

Purple belt earned June 2019

Neil received his belts from Northern Irelands first Black Belt , Professor Graham Keys and receives 10-12 hours coaching per week at Gracie Barra NI.